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The Apocalypse Has Been Now (2020) is an exchange of imaginations. It includes:

a sound piece and invitation, offered by me
a response, offered by you

Grounded in a sensitivity to land, the sound piece asks,
What is needed to heal this place that we call home?


I invite you to:





Let’s try and be still, gaze towards a non-human being in our vicinity, avoid multitasking and use headphones while listening.


Please pay attention to the fabric of sounds, silences, messages and patterns woven into this sound piece. What does Sydney Birds evoke in you? 


Your response may be in any form, for example, performance, video, photo, sculpture, scribble, sound, food, text, voice note, doodle/drawing, etc. It can be as simple or as complex as you like.


Document your response and email it back to me. Together these gestures will form a digital archive of our collective body that is unlearning, attuning, reclaiming, and healing.

*If you still want to submit in a response, please do - the gallery/archive is fluid and always welcoming.

**The sound piece Sydney Birds was co-created by Niv Rajendra and Esteban Beltran.

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