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The Decomposing Guava

The Decomposing Guava is a collection of 108 digital photographs of decomposing guavas that surround my home in San Rafael, Colombia. The work also includes an accompanying essay, in which I draw out generative stories of “fruit litter,” not only as sites of knowledge but as ethical relations.

The decomposing guava is a counter-aesthetic, a site of interspecies collaboration and vibrant kin. In investigating, monitoring and documenting these entanglements, I reveal political tensions arising within our current contaminated conditions as well as raise the question, how might we acquire more thoughtful ways of inhabiting and sharing space? 

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Besitos x

Besitos x is a collaborative 4-panel audio-visual piece. In this work, four trusted friends invite me (from afar, in their native tongue of Spanish, which I do not share) to map my new neighbourhood of San Rafael, Colombia through the lens of their unique artistic disciplines. I ruminate on their instructions via film, performance and text; the culmination of which is Besitos x. This project fruits from friendships and the frustrations of misunderstanding, geographical distance and the transience of home.

In Conversation with the Black Bean Tree thinks on the multiplicity and inherent queerness of interspecies relationships, as informed by a native tree in my front-yard. The video is inspired by a PhotoBooth confessional that I recorded in 2013 when under the influence of LSD for the first time.


My research, both embodied and academic, is rooted in a commitment to an ancestrally present way of belonging to one another, the land, and the more-than-human beings who travel across it.

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Within the Rock Pools is a ritual and film that grew from many months of a regular return to place - the rock pools of North Bondi. During this time, I steadily learned the names of numerous critters present within the cracks and the significance and evolution of the sacred site. I understood this process as an opportunity to interrupt normative processes of relating with. 

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Seed, Play and Unite is a zine publication and a series of 

free/affordable community workshops.

This project addressed the need to cultivate inclusive spaces of care for marginalized youth in the Waverley district of Eora Nation, Australia. It also addressed the need to bring marginalized knowledge systems to the centre. Grounded in reciprocity, ecology and togetherness, this vision included a series of workshops that were led by queer, First Nations and CaLD artists/facilitators. This vision was activated by the current social conditions of the land and aimed to restore strong relationships between mentors, youth and Country.

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Seed, Play and Unite zine photo front_edited.jpg
Seed, Play and Unite zine photo front_edited.jpg

Illustrations from around the world that revolve around rituals of self-care and collective resilience.

In what ways do you seed intention, disrupt through play and unite with the Self and the land?

Zines available in Eora Nation at

Cement Fondu

107 Projects


Waverley Woollahra Art School

Five Ways Cafe

WeArt Collective

and more.

In progress: [Co-lab]

As peers that first met in a virtual CCA classroom space and have never met in person, what kind of space do we imagine ourselves physically working and learning together in? How might this space more thoughtfully

act in dialogue with our environment?


[Co-lab] is a speculative project that imagines the ideal co-working x play space for socially engaged architect, Carlos Medellin and I to build, grow, gather and learn together. The project takes the form of collaboration, architecture, drawing, essay and video. [Co-lab] engages with local ecologies and narratives while rejecting the status quo of contemporary architectural and institutional norms and environments. 


The speculative space, [co-lab], is designed with values of communal responsibility, assembly, joy, and interdependency. The space allows for different knowledge systems to thrive as well as provides conditions conducive for interspecies mutualism, restorative justice and cross disciplinary storytelling. 


The accompanying essay, set in 2025, moves through themes of intimacy, intra-action and land acknowledgement as a way to learn more about [co-lab] and its intricacies.

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