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seed, play and unite

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Shamanic Drumming

Daniela shares her ancestral knowledge of music, dance and drumming - passed down by her mother when Daniela was still a child. Daniela carries her native roots in all that she does, including when delivering sound healing and dance workshops.

Shamanic drumming combines dance, guided meditation, drumming and singing. The drumming allows healing if needed and also strengthens the immune system. This powerful vibrational therapy encourages you to search for clues and answers within making possible a journey through time and space. 

Niv Rajendra

Herbal Tea Rituals

Pranayama and Compassionate Movement

Niv is a socially engaged artist, working to share the empowering knowledge of Ancient Indian Medicine and Contemporary Movement to her community. She is a facilitator and healer, and works across mediums like video, performance and sound. 

Learn about the healing power of various flowers/herbs, make and take home your own ceramic mug and herbal tea blend. Create the components of your own unique herbal tea ritual.

Practice the ancient Vedic techniques of breath-work and channel the vital life-force that exists within and beyond you. Niv will be co-hosting this workshop with Hand-pan musician and sound healer Baran Yildiz.

How might we embody resilience and connectivity in our everyday? How might we better listen to the intuition of our bodies and spirits? Niv guides you through a somatic journey of movement and deep listening. Dance, play and share.

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Felicia Robey

Wayapa Wurrkk

Felicia is an Ayurveda and  Yoga Practitioner,  Herbalist and First Nations Ally. As part of the Wayapa community and as a healer, she has devoted her life to serving others through body work, and mind-body-soul-earth knowledge. 

Wayapa is an earth connection practice, based on ancient Indigenous Australian wisdom that focuses on taking care of the Earth. It is the only recognized indigenous modality and includes and series of physical movements working through elements that can be done by everyone, a narrative meditation, talking about and taking action to be an Ally. 

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Aaron More

Yarning Circle

Aaron is a First Nations youth mentor, yoga guide and AOD & MH Counsellor.

As a survivor of addiction, alcoholism and suicide Aaron has found a solution for these struggles in connection, conversation and community. Aaron will open up a yarn and opportunity to better understand the Indigenous experiences of this land.

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Tony Oxybel

Afro Dance and Queer Embodiment

Tony is a dancer and mover, navigating styles such as voguing, kpop, afro and contemporary. He arrived to Sydney from France in early 2019, and has been teaching afro classes in the CBD. He is now involved in his community's street and studio scene. 

Learning how to define oneself through the expression of dance, when it is feels challenging to authentically do so in one's everyday social settings, can be powerful. This workshop focuses on body awareness and self-acceptance through guided exercises and contemporary styles such as afro-pop. 

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Nadeena Dixon

Ancestral Storyworlds and Weaving

Nadeena is a Wiradjury, Yuin and Gadigal (Dharug - Boorongberrigal clan) Indigenous multi-disciplinary artist. Her practice encompasses print making, photography, video and sound. She is recognized as a master weaver in Indigenous Cultural Traditions. Her cultural practices include dance, song, theatre and contemporary ceremony. 

Nadeena retraces story, meaning and connection - as a fluid ongoing dialogue through ancestral story worlds interconnected to astronomy, seasons and traditional gathering practices. She teaches Indigenous weaving techniques as a powerful mode of colonial resistance and meditation.

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Eve E. White

Connecting to Country

Eve is a proud Wiradjuri woman. Her belief is that we can bring about deep healing through connecting people back to their culture and back onto country. Connecting with culture on Country with elders through ceremony, art, dance and bush medicine has helped Eve in so many ways. She now shares this with others. 

A unique class interweaving vinyasa yoga flow, dance and Qi Gong with Aboriginal culture, making connections between these powerful and ancient philosophies. Thinking about these movements in relation to the living environment - going beyond physical elements and grounding ourselves in the interdependent relationship between individuals and their ancestral lands and seas. 

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Baran Yildiz

Live Sound Accompaniment

Baran is a multi-instrumentalist from Turkey.  His music combines melodies and rhythms of the Middle East and Africa with a modern touch on the hand pan, piano and various percussion instruments. He is a world music percussionist and composer. His first album Interbeing, blends various modern world and neo-classical music elements and presents enchanting instrumental soundscapes.

Baran will assist Niv in her Pranayama workshop by creating an other worldly atmosphere through percussion and soothing melodies. Travel through various levels of energy and awareness as guided by his healing frequencies.

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