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Mūla Circle

Imagine you had a step-by-step roadmap that helped you radically transform the ways in which you showed up for yourself. Now imagine you had an intelligently integrated and personalized understanding of those steps. An embodied practice.​

Imagine you could receive this within a safe and inclusive space of intentional, wise and ambitious Mūla members. A global community that holds you accountable in your health journey and is simultaneously leveling up, with you. A space held by a mentor that delivers tools to you with power and authenticity. One you know you can trust?

Mūla Circle is an immersive + intimate 8-week full-bodied wellness group coaching program: where you will learn how to realign and grow in your life while identifying the areas that you feel stuck in. You will commit to leading lives with more confidence, integrity and full love and learn the actual DAILY steps and tools to do that. You will release stagnant energy, misguided habits and old un-serving patterns. The transformation is tangible and so so inspiring.

Participants of this program will finish with a clearer understanding AND practice of how to nurture their mind, body and spirit; especially during times of stress and upheaval. This cohort of Mūla Circle be dynamic and emotionally shape-shifting. When we heal ourselves, we heal each other. Doing this work and finding nourishment in community releases the idea that we are alone and expands our ability to be seen, feel safe, and authentically be supported by like-minded individuals.

You also have access to 1:1 check-ins with me throughout the program; so that the transmission of self-motivated healing codes can express themselves within you with more consistency and clarity.



  • Attune to your body's wisdom, find deeper connection to your heart's guidance and balance any physical or mental dis-ease expressions with more precision and ease

  • Tap into your body by way of breath-work and mindfulness practices

  • Understand how your bio-energetics have shaped your present by tapping into Ayurvedic medicinal fundamentals

  • Tap into the natural intelligence of food and herbs

  • Understand where you want your healing to take you

  • Be in community with supportive and like-minded accountability partners

  • Identify what parts of you need more of your emotional attention

  • Create more harmonious relationships to food

  • Transform trauma responses and disconnect into healthy and supportive coping mechanisms


Start: The week of April 16th, 2023

Dates/Times: TBD

Investment: The investment for Mūla Circle Group Coaching is $499. There are no other costs associated with this program.

Payment Plan Option: I am offering 2 payments of $249 for those who'd like a payment plan option. Please email to set it up.

Registration is open Now.

Scholarships: Available

Seats: 12

Payment via Zelle:

Payment via Paypal:


Week 1: Intro-call, intention setting for the weeks ahead, Pranayama fundamentals and practice

Week 2: Heart Activations, Identifying our Judgment and Criticality, and Inviting in Compassion and Joy

Week 3: Deep dive into Inner Child Meditations: from Fear to Expansion. Exploring Self-Trust Pathways

Week 4: Daily Rituals, Creating Healthy Relationships with Food. Understanding Core Ayurvedic Principles

Week 5: Self-Love as Tangible Daily Action and Practices: Ayurvedic and Yogic Tools

Week 6: Deep dive into Bio-Energetics, Why your Path is truly your Own

Week 7: Strengthening the Activations of Pranayama and Compassionate Meditation within You

Week 8: Creating your customized Integration and Alignment Plan



Niv Rajendra is a mind-body-spirit health coach. She is a certified Ayurvedic Clinical Practitioner and Pranayama, Meditation and Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher from India. She completed both her Masters and Bachelors degrees (in Fine Arts, Social Practice, Economics and Public Policy) in Berkeley and San Francisco, California. She has lived and worked across the world, guiding individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Her knowledge is an integration of ancient holistic medicine, spiritual care, advanced meditation and movement, metaphysics and ecological intimacy. Her one and only intention is to help you reclaim deeper purpose, contentment and ease within every aspect of your life.

In the last decade, she has facilitated healing in China, Australia, Colombia, the United States and India. She mainly works with women who are working full time - however, she has also guided kids, teens and the elderly, across gender and identity. Her offerings are accessible, inclusive, trauma informed and culturally sensitive.​

 Niv’s guidance is seamlessly infused into the tangible human experience, providing all those entering her space an opportunity to connect with their innermost selves while nurturing and honoring their lived experience and expanding their impact in the world.


Nervous System Regulation Techniques

Introduction to Pranayama

Heart Activations and Meditations

Affirming Positive Bias Self-Talk

Ayurvedic Bio-Energetics and Fundamentals

Gut Health 

Establishing Loving Relationships with Food

Compassionate Meditation

Integration and Ethics


Kat Merritt, LA

Niv is an absolute gem. In the mula circle I was able to connect with myself on a new level through the power of community and presence facilitated so graciously by Niv. The circle has been a safe haven for me where I can practice vulnerability and openness while being heard and nestled by a warm group presence. I have experienced a deepening of my spiritual practice using the new found knowledge of Ayurveda, breath work, and meditation. I’ve been on this journey for years now, and I have been able to develop a more consistent practice than ever before without judgement. The circle is a place where we get out of our comfort zone, hold each other accountable, learn how to listen, and share about our journeys with authenticity. Niv’s teachings and powerful space holding abilities create the perfect place to transform and reveal us to new aspects of ourselves.
I am part of the current Mūla Circle that has been an absolute beautiful and safe community that has held space for me to learn very practical, accessible and foundational wellness tools that helps me to ground and support myself on a daily basis....
And working with Niv has just been a breath of fresh air because her teaching approach is really balanced: both with structure and flexibility based on the different needs of her students... personally I love that. I love that she's so authentic..simply a vessel for wisdom and for love. Overall, the circle is such a gift, if you're feeling pulled to join, I absolutely suggest that you do.

Frances Smith, Chicago



  • Soul-work to unpack and explore. Emails are sent electronically to the email address provided at registration checkout

  • Downloadable breathing and meditation audios

  • Regular notes of support to your inbox


  • If you can’t make a call, no worries, all sessions are recorded and shared

  • I am accessible via email and usually respond with audio notes to talk you through whatever you need help with or support in

  • Each weekly call will happen on Google Meet so we can discuss, unpack, and commune

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