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Mūla Workshops

To create opportunities for marginalized folks to pursue professions that might feel alternative or inaccessible, I founded Mūla Workshops; open, inclusive sessions of hands-on practical learning for femme, femme identifying, LGBTQ, and non-binary folks. Through both group and private sessions (taught by me and guest artists), I made intimidating hardware like CDJS and DJ controllers, and software for music production, live visual mapping, video editing and motion graphics – feel familiar and fun. Providing a safe space for individuals to practice trial and error together is crucial to the learning process. I mentored girls one-on-one as well, some of whom went on to find jobs at music venues, work for their university’s radio stations, and freelance graphic/sound design projects.


Alongside the professional benefits of learning more nuanced tools of art, are the therapeutic benefits. Art has always been a means for me to re-create and share with others notions of security and self-awareness. This is a form of healing for me, which I aim to make accessible via current technology and inclusive collaborations. Creating an open learning community through the Mūla Workshops, has been a means to see this happen.

Read WeChat article of a recent Mūla Workshops at OIL Club, Shenzhen. 

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