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Home is a Practice, 2022

Installation View at The Wattis Institute, San Francisco, USA
Video, sound, print, collaboration, and wild rosemary

Niv Rajendra


Home is a Practice includes four videos that explore rituals of place-making, deep listening and land acknowledgment. Grounded in the everyday practice of centering human and non-human kinship; these videos call attention to worlds beyond the consumerist and the callous; worlds in which the migrating artist finds home. Also included are two zines born from community engaged projects that the artist was actively involved in.  



The Decomposing Guava, 2021, 5m 45s

Besitos x Natalia Lecuona, 2021, 1m 39s

Besitos x Carlos Medellin, 2021, 1m 33s

[Co-lab], 2021, 2m 45s


Newspaper Print Zines (to take home)

WE’ave the People, 2020

Seed, Play and Unite, 2022

Niv_MFA Fine Arts_MFA final show_Wattis_group 1_Sp22-4403.jpg
Wattis Installation w_ Niv.png
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