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Dinner Gathering

by Niv and the WeArt Collective

Featuring Niv Rajendra, socially engaged artist based in Bondi, and Alejandra, Julian, and Valeria artists representing the WeArt - Latin House Collective.

27th March, 6pm

Bellevue Hill


Food is a powerful way to bring people together, and our hope is that sharing and centering will be the theme for this gathering. Food is a way to invest in our communities, and invest in ourselves. It is an act of nourishment and an act of resistance. We will be bringing together simple recipes passed down to us via our Indian, Colombian and Mexican lineages, and sharing this meal with you: our neighbors in and around Bondi. 


We will be sourcing ingredients from the Bondi Farmer’s Market, the Addison Road Food Pantry as well as the Waverley Community Garden.


The gathering is free and open to all, however we are hoping to reach our fundraising goal via donations. This is in support of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), that continues to support families with their basic food, housing and medical needs during their journey to safety and freedom; as well as advocating for a fair, just and welcoming Australia. Thus we are simultaneously thinking of this meal as a privilege; the food in conversation with mutual aid, land ownership and sovereignty. 

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