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1:1 Mentorship + Ayurvedic Consultation [Basic] + 7 Day Detox




8 Days

About the Consultation

This option includes one 60min clinical Ayurvedic consultation + two 20min guided meditations + a one week guided mind-body detox.

I will provide you with practical knowledge so that you may navigate your constitutional and bio-energetic tendencies towards mental and physical imbalance with more resilience and ease. I provide you with a personalized food, herb, and lifestyle chart - as well as break down why exactly these choices make sense for you. In the two meditation sessions; I gently guide you through a tailor-made pranayama and meditation sequence based on your unique context and needs.

You will undertake the 7 day guided detoxification from the comfort of your own home. These are gentle, safe and again - tailor made for you. Ayurvedic detoxifications help to dislodge and release emotional and bodily toxins deeply accumulated in both the mind and the gut. You will need to arrange foods, herbs and oils at home as directed by me. I will only advise what is accessible to you. Ayurvedic detoxes are perfect for a power reset as you enter into the new year. 

If you would like the Ayurvedic Consultation [Premium] as well as the guided detox, this is possible too.

Note: Observation of pulse, face, tongue, hair, skin, nails, and eyes may be conducted to discover these imbalances and help prevent disease. In addition to addressing physical habits and conditions, we work with unbalanced emotions and their root causes to create more freedom, joy and clarity and set you up with herbs, oils, or spiritual practices that can improve your health and well-being.

All payment happens via PayPal at least 3 days prior to our appointment. Sign up here or email me to schedule your sessions now!

Niv Rajendra

Health Practitioner, Facilitator and Mentor

I am a certified Ayurvedic Clinical Practitioner and Pranayama, Meditation and Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher from Mangalore, India. I have lived and worked across the world, guiding individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds. I practice and offer the four disciplines (of Ayurveda, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga) as one integrated whole. My one and only intention is to help you reclaim deeper purpose, contentment and ease within every aspect of your life.

In the last decade, I have facilitated healing in China, Australia, Colombia, the United States and India. I mainly work with young women who are working or studying full time - however, I have also guided kids, teens and the elderly, across gender and identity. My offerings are accessible, inclusive, trauma informed and culturally sensitive.

Health Practitioner, Facilitator and Mentor
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