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1:1 Mentorship with Niv

1:1 sessions are for those of you wanting to meet your higher self. Create life changes designed to advance your awareness, health and prosperity. I work with you to build your natural resilience and intuition from the inside-out, so you can overcome chronic and acute health problems. Take the parts of you that are hurt and are off-balance, and turn them into your gifts. These include and are not limited to issues like insomnia, self-sabotage, anxiety, menstrual disorders, indigestion, cravings, weakness, weight gain and more. 

If you're truly ready to commit to a re-alignment of your mind, body and spirit - you are in the right place. I have a few different offerings, suitable to your different needs and means right now. If you're unable to access any of these offerings right now, but still would like to work with me, please reach out directly.


I also offer yoga (vinyasa asana, pranayama + meditation) teaching/mentorship;

The minimum session length (to begin with) is: 5 weeks, 2 x 60 minute classes per week. These would be private/personalized sessions. Also included is an Ayurvedic consultation with me: so you can fully understand how practices off the mat will bring strength and support to your yoga practice. My purpose is to build in you a super strong foundation so that you can keep an informed self-practice for the rest of your life.

The fee for the 5 week mentorship + consultation is $555 USD
If you would like to do this session as a small group instead (can be exclusively WOC for example) we can organize that - and prices will vary accordingly.

We can have a quick chat anytime if you have more questions and you would like to let me know more about your needs. Email me here.


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