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Ayurvedic Practioner

Niv is a lineage based and certified Ayurvedic Practitioner from Mangalore, India. She has lived and worked across the world, guiding individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds. She works with you to build your natural resilience and intuition from the inside-out, so you can gently overcome chronic and acute health problems that you are suffering from. These include and are not limited to digestive, metabolic, musculoskeletal, mental, menstrual and sleep issues.


Niv will provide you with a comprehensive dietary, herbal and lifestyle plan tailored to your unique body-mind constitution so that you can reclaim your health for the long-term.

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What can Ayurveda do for you?

This ancient sophisticated science guides us on how to live with nature and it’s rhythms and cycles. The system of holistic medicine provides us with comprehensive tools to RECLAIM our health, as it is our birthright. Tools include: dietary choices, lifestyle plans, Ayurvedic herbal remedies, meditation and breath-work techniques, gentle guidance on detox or rejuvenation techniques, self-massage and more. Join Niv's WeChat group to learn more 🙏🏾

Message Niv directly on WeChat (niviniv) or WhatsApp (+57 319 665 3656) to book your 60 minute consultation

Pricing: 60 minute online consultation + 30 minute follow-up is USD 100

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