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Niv Rajendra is a socially engaged artist, Ayurvedic practitioner and Ashtanga Yoga teacger. Through her work she explores how the renewal and reinstatement of Indigenous spiritual knowledge can repair damaged relationships in human communities; and between humans and the land. She emphasizes reciprocity and dialogue and adapts her creative media to the situations of the beings with whom she works. Originally from Mangalore and New Delhi, India, she lives and collaborates across the world. Her most recent work has been exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art San Francisco, the Wattis Institute, AltaMart Exposition, PLAySpace Gallery and Hubbel Street Galleries. She has taught workshops at academic institutions like the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) as well as underground nightlife venues such as OIL Club, Shenzhen. Her work has received support from CCA's Centre for Arts and Public Life and the ARTogether Foundation. She has a BA in Economics and Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley (2016, Dean's List) and is currently completing her MFA in Fine Arts at California College of the Arts (2022, High Honors).

Through making, doing and facilitating, she ask three key questions:

  • How do we make art together in environments that are in crisis?

  • How do we more meaningfully embody the values of care and compassion?

  • Whom are we in solidarity with?

To learn more about her Deep Medicine, Breathwork and Yogic offerings: please click here.

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