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Align with your most vital and easeful self

Niv Rajendra is a mind-body-spirit health coach. She is a certified Ayurvedic Clinical Practitioner and Pranayama, Meditation and Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher from India. She completed both her Masters and Bachelors degrees (in Fine Arts, Social Practice, Economics and Public Policy) in Berkeley and San Francisco, California. She has lived and worked across the world, guiding individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Her knowledge is an integration of ancient holistic medicine, spiritual care, advanced meditation and movement, metaphysics and ecological intimacy. Her one and only intention is to help you reclaim deeper purpose, contentment and ease within every aspect of your life.

In the last decade, she has facilitated healing in China, Australia, Colombia, the United States and India. She mainly works with women who are working full time - however, she has also guided kids, teens and the elderly, across gender and identity. Her offerings are accessible, inclusive, trauma informed and culturally sensitive.

 Niv’s guidance is seamlessly infused into the tangible human experience, providing all those entering her space an opportunity to connect with their innermost selves while nurturing and honoring their lived experience and expanding their impact in the world.

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"Niv is such a gift. She carries so much practical knowledge on how we can improve our connection with our bodies, our earth and our overall wellbeing. Through simple and easy shifts, I was able to apply time-tested Ayurvedic tools that have helped me move through the day with more compassion and awareness to my dietary and other needs. I love how Niv can make everyone feel welcome in the spaces she cultivates, and I'm inspired by the generous way she offers guidance. Thank you Niv!"

Selam Bekele, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Meet your higher self. Create life changes designed to advance your awareness, health and prosperity.

Niv's mission is to build your natural resilience and intuition from the inside-out, so you can overcome any kind of chronic and acute health problem. Take the parts of you that are hurt and are off-balance, and turn them into your gifts. These include and are not limited to issues like insomnia, self-sabotage, anxiety, menstrual disorders, indigestion, cravings, weakness, weight gain and more. 

If you're truly ready to commit to a re-alignment of your mind, body and spirit - you are in the right place.

Niv caters her offerings to YOU. So that your specific needs and intentions are taken care of. 

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Beyond Supplements


Activate healing codes that allow you to express your most authentic self to the world.

So many of us have put off true health for so long, and blame work, societal stress and trauma for inconsistency in efforts, sickness and poor immunity. We have normalized recurring flus, exhaustion, stomach infections and anxiety headaches as part of our identity. I invite you to TAP INTO the innate intelligence of your body. Activate non-stop healing so you do not keep falling back into crisis mode.

Learn how to create CONSISTENT, EFFECTIVE and POTENT shifts in your life so that health becomes the natural state of your being. Learn how to SHOW UP differently for your communities and loved ones.

Are you truly ready to activate the healing codes within you?


Transcend the limiting idea that you need supplements and superfoods in order to magnetize deep resilience. Transcend the sad habit of giving in to antibiotics and painkillers for symptomatic relief.


And invite IMMUNITY BEYOND SUPPLEMENTS within yourself.

I have been cultivating mind-body-spirit resilience through intelligently integrated and holistic practices for over 6 years. During this time, I have RELEASED expressions of anxiety, depression, PCOS, bulimia, chronic pain, addiction, chronic UTIs, constipation, and migraines.

Do you want to learn how I did it?

In this 14 week 1:1 journey I will share all that I know about reprogramming and enhancing cellular intelligence, so that you can action the same within you!





> Seven (7) live and private 1:1 mentorship sessions with Niv

> Access to tailor-made resources including guided sessions and reading materials

> Direct and immediate access to Niv through Whatsapp 

> Lifetime access to the replays


> How to enhance the vital life force within your cells, anytime anywhere, so that you can always rely on yourself to resist disease and elevate  

> Exactly what to eat and drink to maintain equilibrium within you

> How to establish positive bias neural networks within your mind-body system and unlearn the limiting beliefs that got you sick in the first place

> How to optimize metabolism and naturally detoxify your body in a way that feels gentle and wholesome for you; this will also help you maintain healthy weight without excessive workouts 

> The difference between unsustainable health fads and health activations that are deep and lasting

> How to tap into the rhythmic mechanisms of repair within all layers of your Self so you can show up to your projects with incredible clarity, focus and ease

> How to work intelligently with basic kitchen herbs to kickstart healing and bring you into deeper intimacy with the world around you

> How to release attachments to past expressions of dis-ease so that you stop spiraling back into un-serving patterns

> How to attune deeper to the subtleties of your mind, body and spirit so that you can identify sickness before it arrives and nip it before it expresses itself

> How to absorb vibrancy and resilience from the environment around you, so that you can work SMARTER not harder

Contrary to popular belief, you do not actually need to outsource your health for the rest of your life; neither to doctors nor to prescription drugs. You just need to activate the healing codes within you; consistently and persistently


- You woke up feeling energetic, without pain and full of clarity 

- You navigated stressful situations with a grace that made you proud

- Your hormones, moods, circulation and metabolism contributed to the expression of your truest and best self

- Your yearly hospital expenses were $0

- You experienced ease, flow and pleasure with your discipline

- You seamlessly tapped into the natural rhythms of your aligned self and environment and experienced the exponential multiplication of your resilience




If you are ready to build immunity from the inside out and stop outsourcing your health; this brilliantly integrated premium program is definitely for you. A life of deep resilience and attuned preventative care is waiting for you. Once you tap into this, the rest of your dreams can follow. 

$2799 USD limited offer

If this feels so right for you, but you want to check-in first before you commit, schedule a free minute 30 minute chat here with me! 

*Payment plans available, please reach out.
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Mūla Circle

Deeper Love and Leveling-up

Imagine you had a step-by-step roadmap that helped you radically transform the ways in which you showed up for yourself. 

Now imagine you had an intelligently integrated and personalized understanding of those steps. An embodied practice.

Imagine you could receive this within a safe and inclusive space of intentional, wise and ambitious Mūla members. A global community that holds you accountable in your health journey and is simultaneously leveling up, with you. A space held by a mentor that delivers tools to you with power and authenticity. One you know you can trust?

Mūla Circle is an intimate container in which we meet eight times as a small group. We commit ourselves to leading lives with deep confidence, integrity and full love and learn the actual DAILY steps and tools to do that. We release stagnant energy, misguided habits and old un-serving patterns. 

You have access to 1:1 check-ins with me throughout the program; so that the transmission of self-motivated healing codes can express themselves within you with more consistency and clarity.

Current group ongoing/closed.

Next group: April 2023


$499 USD

The Inner Alignment Workshop

Are you a self-motivated creative, leader or entrepreneur looking to finally give the same attention you've given to your career - now to your health, mind, soul, fitness and performance? Are you ready for full expansion but would first like a taste of what working with me holds?


In this introductory 1:1 workshop session; we will cover how your unique bio-energetics can be optimized to serve your highest purpose. Why you're more prone to certain dis-ease conditions and how to cure them at the roots. Insights on what transcending long-term issues of mental exhaustion, fluctuations, gut imbalance and chronic pain looks like. The integrated mind-body [diet lifestyle, spiritual and herbal] tools and teachings I coach you through in this two hour long multi-modality session; will completely shift your understanding of YOU.

You will receive a clear blueprint of your whole self and guidance on how to move through this world with deeper integrity and harmonious rhythm. These principles will stay with you for life.

This will also serve as a first step before working more intentionally and intensively with me in my Immunity Beyond Supplements journey.


$333 USD

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The blueprint for you is designed in every breath you take

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