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Align with your most vital and easeful self

Niv Rajendra is a certified Ayurvedic Clinical Practitioner and Pranayama, Meditation and Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher from Mangalore, India. She has lived and worked across the world, guiding individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Her knowledge is an integration of ancient holistic medicine, spiritual care, advanced meditation and movement, metaphysics and ecological intimacy. Her one and only intention is to help you reclaim deeper purpose, contentment and ease within every aspect of your life.

In the last decade, she has facilitated healing in China, Australia, Colombia, the United States and India. She mainly works with women who are working full time - however, she has also guided kids, teens and the elderly, across gender and identity. Her offerings are accessible, inclusive, trauma informed and culturally sensitive.

 Niv’s guidance is seamlessly infused into the tangible human experience, providing all those entering her space an opportunity to connect with their innermost selves while nurturing and honoring their lived experience and expanding their impact in the world.

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“Niv teaches with such warmth and empathy, while also maintaining a keen eye for small adjustments that make a huge difference in your practice.
... truly a wealth of knowledge."

Jane Maguire, Pittsburg, USA

Grainy Surface

Meet your higher self. Create life changes designed to advance your awareness, health and prosperity.

Niv's mission is to build your natural resilience and intuition from the inside-out, so you can overcome any kind of chronic and acute health problem. Take the parts of you that are hurt and are off-balance, and turn them into your gifts. These include and are not limited to issues like insomnia, self-sabotage, anxiety, menstrual disorders, indigestion, cravings, weakness, weight gain and more. 

If you're truly ready to commit to a re-alignment of your mind, body and spirit - you are in the right place.

Niv caters her offerings to YOU. So that your specific needs and intentions are taken care of. 

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 Work with Niv

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Mūla Circle

An intimate container in which we meet ten times as a small group to release stagnant energy, misguided habits and old un-serving patterns. Sessions integrate traditional pranayama, Vipassana meditation, Ayurvedic protocols, compassionate embodiment, personalized charts and vulnerable dialogue.

[Currently ongoing/closed, but please reach out if you're interested in the next cycle!]

I always keep space in these circles for folks from lower income countries and professions. If this is you - please reach out on how we can make these sessions accessible to you.

$99 USD

1:1 Inner Alignment

Are you looking to understand how your unique bio-energetics can be optimized to serve your highest purpose? Why you're more prone to certain dis-ease conditions and how to cure them at the roots? How to transcend long-term issues of mental exhaustion, fluctuations, gut imbalance and chronic pain? The integrated mind-body [diet lifestyle, spiritual and herbal] tools, guidance and care I share through these multiple 1:1 sessions with you will change your life.

Over the course of seven one-on-one consultations, guided pranayama and follow-up sessions - you will find deeper alignment and equilibrium within your whole self. You will experience clear progress and results in your healing journey.

$333 USD

1:1 Inner + Outer Alignment

Are you trying to build consistency with your asana and pranayama practice? While integrating potent tools for nervous system regulation off the mat?


I offer you a full Ayurvedic consultation along with a guided asana practice that is rooted in the traditional Mysore Ashtanga style of practice; it is dynamic and designed for you to release tissue tension and blocks in the physical body over time.


Over the course of eleven one-on-one sessions you will learn the correct sequence of the practice, foundational pranayama techniques and personalized Ayurvedic protocols: setting you up for an incredibly integrated and strong home practice.

$555 USD

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The blueprint for you is designed in every breath you take

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