I am a socially engaged artist and certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. Through my work I explore how the renewal and reinstatement of Indigenous spiritual knowledge can repair damaged relationships in human communities; between humans and the land; and between living and non-living entities. I emphasize reciprocity and dialogue and adapt my creative media to the situations of the beings with whom I work. For instance, The Decomposing Guava (2021) uses guavas, cultural analysis, and digital photography to interrogate issues of damage and decay. Other works use Sydney sandstone and beetroot thoran as well as live performance, community service, essays, and education (as a social form) to

re-imagine kinship and create spaces of togetherness.


I facilitate workshops on traditional medicine, mindful embodiment, deep listening and art-making for all ages (kids, teens, young adults and adults) - guiding on more resilient and attuned ways of being. My workshops are built upon the foundations of inclusivity, reciprocal care and humility; and deeply informed by Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurveda and the Gaga movement language. For example, Mūla Workshops, Yoga/Art for Kids and Teens, Ayurvedic Fundamentals, the Compassionate Movement Workshop and more. 

Through making, doing and facilitating, I ask three key questions:

  • How do we make art together in environments that are in crisis?

  • How do we more meaningfully embody the values of care and compassion?

  • Where did we come from? Where are we going?